About Pathway University

Pathway University is a weekly adult Bible study meeting every Sunday morning at 9am in the Multipurpose Room. Everyone is welcome, and anyone can join at any time.


Goals: Students will develop a deep cultural/historical understanding and a broad religious/theological perspective of the Judeo-Christian scriptures while learning to apply Biblical principles to their lives. This class is best described by a hybrid “critical-evangelical” scholarship model. We assume the holy scriptures describe actual people, places and events unless we find sufficient evidence to disprove/contradict those claims. Overwhelming evidence supports conclusions that the Bible is the inspired word of a single living God, conceptually inerrant, historically accurate, and theologically relevant.

Brian Freeman has been a Biblical scholar for over 20 years and holds B.Sc., Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Iowa State University. He was a graduate research fellow and is a published scientific author, student of ancient (Koine) Greek, Elder and preacher.