Our History

In March of 2002, a small handful of people met in a home basement and began to dream about a church that would send them on a fresh, new journey with God. They wanted a church that didn’t care about the kinds of clothes people wore or the background they came from. They wanted an environment where people didn’t feel the need to look and act “perfect.” They wanted a community that would love and support one another at all times and at any cost. From this small gathering of people, Pathway Church was born. In October of that same year, Pathway Church officially opened her doors to the public with the commitment to impact and transform the lives of people all over the Des Moines area with the message of Jesus Christ. We seek to create an environment on Sunday mornings that will help take you to the next level in your relationship with Christ through relevant, intimate worship experiences and practical teaching. But our commitment goes far beyond a Sunday morning “experience.” Pathway also provides opportunities to build meaningful relationships and community through small groups, ministry teams and Life Transformation Groups (Click for more info on LTG's). The result of these experiences goes beyond truths learned and relationships made. It is legitimate life-change.