Dan hudson

Lead PAstor

Dan is the church planter and lead pastor of Pathway Church. He has a passion for teaching people about the Bible and helping them connect to God at a higher level. He received his BA at Iowa Christian College and his MA at Cincinnati Christian University and was part of a several year long pastor-discipleship group in Colorado that helped grow him as a leader and pastor.

John Frerichs

Worship Arts

John is a talented worship leader who studied at Crossroads College in Rocherster, Minnesota and has used his gifts to help lead congregations in worship for over ten years. John has been part of the team since 2020 and is always working on building the team to new levels of excellence in music and worship.

uPenyu gogo

Children's Ministry

Upenyo is a pastor who grew up in Zimbabwe and is continuing his education here in the States. He is currently working on his Master's degree and plans to return to Zimbabwe in a few years to teach Greek at Central African Christian College in Zimbabwe. While here, he is not only studying hard, but also  pouring  his life and experience into the children's ministry at Pathway. He has a genuine heart for people that you and your children will LOVE to get to know!

Scott Potter

Student ministries

Scott is a retired US Veteran wich makes him uniquely qualied to work with today's youth. He teaches our teen Sundah School class on Sunday mornings at 9AM as well as leads the team who works with our Youth Group on Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM.

Kim Stocks

Children's  Education

Kim has been working in public education for over 20 years! During the week, she works as a teacher of the visually impaired from birth to age 21. Kim has an extraordinary talent for teaching children, and uses that to foster new relationships with Christ. She currently leads the team of volunteers who make up our 9AM children's Sunday School